Flock Leaders

Stephanie Brown – Owner


Stephanie has grown up with animals all her life, however her love for parrots started with her first budgie named Princess in 2002. In 2008, Stephanie opened The Parrot Hotel & Shop and hasn’t looked back since. Originally Stephanie was running the business out of her parents home, now she lives in Holland Centre with her 4 feathered babies – Tango, Kiwi, Taz & Xena and a cockapoo named Lexi. In 2014, Stephanie launched The Parrot Shop which gives preference to premium high quality items that she and her birdies have personally tested and LOVE.

Stephanie currently manages the online bookings for The Parrot Hotel and also manages and operates The Parrot Shop online store in Chatsworth, Ontario.

Marylyne Brown – Bird Boarding, Parrot Hotel Acton


Marylyne has become our operator of The Parrot Hotel at our location in Acton. Initially, believe it or not she was scared of the birds flying around her head. Now, she doesn’t know what she would do without them. Marylyne joined The Parrot Hotel & Shop team full time in 2012. She is owned by 2 jack russels (Zeph & Roxy), 70+ chickens, 3 horses (Laura, Annie & baby Jackson) and a few goats.

Marylyne currently runs The Parrot Hotel in Acton on a full time basis. Her hobbies include; decorating, spending time outdoors, singing to the boarding guests, landscaping in her gardens and of course taking care of the farm.