We provide all of the comforts of home for your feathered friend. The Parrot Hotel provides a calming environment where health and safety are our first priority.

What is included?

  • Cage cleaning (papers changed, grill scrubbed).
  • Water changes twice daily and more frequently if needed
  • Daily food change or top-up
  • Extra food and treats – we love to spoil them!
  • We provide seasonal fresh fruits and veggies. If your birds require specific foods, please bring them with you.
  • Out of cage and excercise time (Individual play only)

*Boarding Checklist*

  • Cage and travel cage if necessary. All birds must arrive in a carrier!
  • Cages MUST be thoroughly cleaned and in good condition if you are bringing your own or a cage cleaning fee will apply
  • Enough food to last the duration of the stay, this includes extra fruits/veggies
  • Blanket to cover the cage at night, if necessary
  • Toys & Perches if you are borrowing a cage
  • Client form filled out and sent back prior to arrival
  • Vet Health Exam
  • Payment as discussed is required at drop off

New Pricing Effective as of November 1st, 2020

Bird SizeBird TypeCost per day
Extra Small BirdsBudgies, Canaries, Lovebirds$15/day or $15 per cage (max 2 birds)
Small BirdsGreen cheek conures, Cockatiels & similar$20/day
Medium BirdsSenegals, quakers, Indian ring necks, sun conures, pionus, jenday and similar$22/day
Large Birds*African Greys, Amazons, Goffins cockatoos & similar$25/day
Extra Large BirdsLarge Cockatoos$30/day

  *Please note that we are not accepting large macaws at this time.

 Vet Requirements and Disease Prevention

  • Boarding birds are required to have a veterinary health exam within the current year.
  • To protect your own birds and ours, we ask that all boarding parrots have received a full health exam and be deemed no risk to others. While there are a number of serious conditions that parrots are at risk of contracting; psittacosis, PDD, PBFD and Chlamydiosis are specific diseases that we ask be tested for during the health exam.
  • The boarding room and cages are disinfected and cleaned daily to prevent the transmission of diseases
  • Boarding cages are disinfected after each bird leaves the facility
  • We do not take in baby birds that are still hand feeding
  • We do not take in birds that are on medication or have been on medication within the last 6 months

Advantages to Boarding

1) Peace of Mind – Knowing your parrot is well taken care of in a home environment
2) 24 Hour Care – We provide 24 hour care for your parrot and are there to assist your parrot during any night time emergencies that may arise.
3) Out of Cage Time – Your parrot will receive more out of cage time than if you had someone come into your home for an hour a day.
4) Experience – Feel secure leaving your parrot with an experienced boarding facility. We take many precautions to ensure the well-being of your parrot.
5) Socialize – Many parrots are not socialized with other birds or other people. It is important to get parrots use to change which is why boarding can be beneficial even if it’s for a weekend.

Please be respectful of my time as I am with yours. If you cannot make a scheduled time please call ahead.

The Parrot Hotel

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